Endless exploration and adventure awaits those fearless enough to enter. FadeHolm is a single player procedurally generated virtual reality (VR) survival dungeon crawler designed in the same vein as old school Nethack and Rogue. As one of the remaining ‘Fade’, the player is challenged to explore the depths of the ancient catacombs in search of a legendary relic. The Fadeholm is as rich as it is dangerous, with room after room filled with riches and items that will make exploration just a little bit easier. The players must manage hunger,health, and endurance while they search every corner of the dungeon because while the undead hit hard, a Vorpal Warblade of Fire hits harder.


The first chapter (Prologue) includes:

* FadeHolm catacombs: minimum of 7 levels of randomly generated dungeon. Ending level can be configured via ‘exploration’ options, to go as deep as level 20.

* Multiple unique monsters, each randomized with their own equipment, tactics, and behaviors.

* Monsters can and will use the random equipment they are generated with.

* Tactical and Physical combat centered around shield and melee weapon use

* Thousands of assorted player weapons, shields and usable items.

* Intuitive movement system utilizing move in place mechanics with the addition of player selectable teleporting.

* Procedural seed based generation engine, Realm Foundry, insures no two games are ever the same. While at the same time allowing the instance seed to be shared with friends to see who can get the farthest and gain the most treasure in the process.

* Procedural seed integrity is strictly maintained so that every run on the same seed has the same dungeon layout, the same monsters and the same loot.

* A terrifying end boss will stand as the final horrifying challenge to the first chapter.









Logos and Banners

Try this link for a .zip file containing our logos and banners.


Our main banner, with dimensions of 616×353.










A large version of the game’s icon, with dimensions of 512×520.